Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm back.

I know it has been a long time sinced I posted last but I have been unwell. I am still unwell but the pain is under control more now and I am hoping I can sit at my computer longer than a minute or two.

So much has happened over this last month it is almost as if mother earth has a grudge aginst us.
Most of the floods have left Queensland now but there is that terrible earthquake in New  Zealand and so many deaths. The wrok is still going on there but I am afraid they will only find more bodies.

My friend Linda is on her way to Canada at this moment, her birth home. She plans to spend her birthday with her sisters and brother. I am hoping she has a pleasant journey and no doubt will have plenty of stories to tell me when she gets back in three weeks.
I think she will find it very cold there. It is the middle of summer here and she is travelling into snow. Good luck to her.

Great excitement for me yesterday. I was interviewed by our local TV station.
There has been a lot of telephone scams going on and I pjhoned up0 to tell them about mine. The staion decided that my story was interesting enough to know more so along came I nice young lady and a young camera man and taped the interview. Whether it will go to air I don't know. Shall have to see.

I shall have to go now. I am going to try and do some knitting a little later, my fingers are itching to use my needles but lately I hhaven't been able to concentrate.