Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November cont;

Well I have fed the dogs and they are settled down, now I might be able to finish for November.
This is a photo of myself and Mrs Santa
We had a lot of fun. I hope She/He comes back again next year.LOL.

I had some good news from a friend. Her new book has just been published  by Harper Colins and released world wide to catch the christmas market. She is thrilled to bits and it has been well recieved in America. Just in case any one is interested it is called 'Diamond Eyes' I hope she does well with it.

Tomorrow is the first day of summer for us here. It has been a much cooler and wet spring and it predicted that it will be a wet summer with a few cyclones around, in fact the expert says that we will have at least one before the end of the year. We shall see.

I must tell you about the new dress I bought myself.
I was shopping with my youngest daughter when we found a couple of dresses. One was black and long and in my size. Very simple and I fell in love with it. It was marked at $39.00. I stood and thought about it, I really didn't need a new dress but it was lovely. In the end I gave into the temptation and took it to the cash out. Imagine my surprise when it scanned up as $10. The check out man was the owner. He said it was discounted but he hadn't had time to put the new price up. I was well pleased. I call it my christmas present to myself.

I have started a garden for myself. As I live in a unit we are not allowed to dig up the garden but I have a car prot and don't own a car so I am growing everything in pots and placeing them in the car port. Everything is growung well. I have Roma tomatoes, capisicums and crystal cucumbers with lots of herbs all coming up well and a few flowers as well, just for colour. So soon I will have a lovely salad to pick. Next week I hope to plant a few peas in a container. My friends husban has made me a sturdy stand with a cross bar top so I can hang a few flower baskets up. He really made it well and even though we had massive winds the other night and it stood up to it.
Well, I am going now, it is getting late and I need an early night.

November is over.

The National Novel Writing Month is over so I can get back to normal now and I got my 50,000 words done. The story is not finished but it could become a good one....later.

I have a month of news to write up about.
I went to a Melbourn Cup breakfast and the theme was funky shoes so I scubbed up my garden crocs and decorated them with christmas tincel and would you belive I won a prize for them. They were really crazy looking shoes.

Later I went to the bowling alley for a cent sale to help raise money for the juniors travel expenses to Townsvill next year. Of cours I was still wearing my shoes so there was much laughter again but I had fun.

The next thing was a christmas party last week with the Bundaberg Business Womens Network. Their theme was red and green.
Well I din't have a green dress and I never wear green so I bought a red and green tinsel holly wreath and wore it on my head. It looked quite good, I called it my 'crown'.
Mrs Santa arrived to hand out our christmas presents and did a little dance for uu. There was a lot of laughter when it was discovered that Mrs Santa was really a Mr. He sat and had a drink with us until his lift arrived to take him home. My friend took some photos and sent them to me by email, I will find out how to put them in my online photo album and then I can post them to you all.

I still have presents to buy but I have decided that the grandchildren will get a book. I like to encourage reading amonst children and every year I try and find out what their reading likes are now as they grow up.

I have decide to make a Royal Shawl and send to Prince William and his bride. It will be based on the old shetland stitches and I am using Australian Pure Merino Wool, in cobweb weight.
I spent today drafting up the graph of patterns that will be in the borders. I have drafted about half of it so far and will continue knitting it later, I have already knitted the centre.
He might like the idea because Queen Victoria was prented one over a hundred years ago and it now in the Victoria and Albert Museum. I have only seen photos of it, if I ever go to England again I shall make a trip to the museum and see if I can see it.

I had better go now. My dogs say it is feed time and their throats are cut.LOL