Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November is over.

The National Novel Writing Month is over so I can get back to normal now and I got my 50,000 words done. The story is not finished but it could become a good one....later.

I have a month of news to write up about.
I went to a Melbourn Cup breakfast and the theme was funky shoes so I scubbed up my garden crocs and decorated them with christmas tincel and would you belive I won a prize for them. They were really crazy looking shoes.

Later I went to the bowling alley for a cent sale to help raise money for the juniors travel expenses to Townsvill next year. Of cours I was still wearing my shoes so there was much laughter again but I had fun.

The next thing was a christmas party last week with the Bundaberg Business Womens Network. Their theme was red and green.
Well I din't have a green dress and I never wear green so I bought a red and green tinsel holly wreath and wore it on my head. It looked quite good, I called it my 'crown'.
Mrs Santa arrived to hand out our christmas presents and did a little dance for uu. There was a lot of laughter when it was discovered that Mrs Santa was really a Mr. He sat and had a drink with us until his lift arrived to take him home. My friend took some photos and sent them to me by email, I will find out how to put them in my online photo album and then I can post them to you all.

I still have presents to buy but I have decided that the grandchildren will get a book. I like to encourage reading amonst children and every year I try and find out what their reading likes are now as they grow up.

I have decide to make a Royal Shawl and send to Prince William and his bride. It will be based on the old shetland stitches and I am using Australian Pure Merino Wool, in cobweb weight.
I spent today drafting up the graph of patterns that will be in the borders. I have drafted about half of it so far and will continue knitting it later, I have already knitted the centre.
He might like the idea because Queen Victoria was prented one over a hundred years ago and it now in the Victoria and Albert Museum. I have only seen photos of it, if I ever go to England again I shall make a trip to the museum and see if I can see it.

I had better go now. My dogs say it is feed time and their throats are cut.LOL

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