Thursday, October 28, 2010


My computer blew up!! Well the power pack did. Went with a loud bang and frightened the you know what out of me.
My friend Linda took me to the repair shop where a lovely lady tested it out and then told me how much it would cost to fix but that given the age of the PC said it wasn't really worth it and directed me to a ruputible computer shop.
I was advised to but other tower, a reconditioned one, and I was quoted a good price and I agreed.
I had to go back the next day and pick it up. The sevice man had put my old hard drive in and the extra Ram drive as they were still good and I took it home.
Linda helped to set it back up and we switched on but it didn't seem to work properly. We switched it off and then it wouldn't switch back on again. We fiddled around with it but it was still a problem so we took it back. Apparently the wire wasn't conected properly so that was fixed and then he set up my e-mail page for me. He was very nice.
So now I am already to go.

Also, I nearly forgot, I was interviewed by our local news paper about writing in NaNo and it was published the next day. Very exciteing.

It is hoped that more local writers will be encouraged to take part.
I hope so.

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