Sunday, October 17, 2010

Garage sale.

Well it is over. My garage sale that is.It was cold first thing in the morning but no wind. Linda and I placed our things back on the tables and was set for anyone that came along and then the wind started again and I was slowly freezing and I was beginning to think I was crazy to do this, I could have been tucked up indoors with my knitting and watching TV with my two little dogs curled up on my lap. But here I was, sat out in the carport waiting for people to arrive and buy my goods that I no longer needed.
Being Sunday it was quiet but bit by bit a few people stopped. Some just kooked and a couple bought a couple bought some yarn or a bit of lace then at lunch time we decided it was enough and started to put what was left away. Some of the stuff left will go to a charity shop, a few things I shall hold onto and see if I can use some of the yarns to kinit up and sell at the craft market.
Now I have to get my unit sorted and cleaned and then the next job I plan is to turn my living room around. Now that is going to take a while, I can only work for a little while before my back gives out and moving furniture is no easy thing for me so no visitors for a couple of weeks please, you may not be able to get in through the door and of course you might be asked to help move a bookcase or such like.
I also have to find time to write up some patterns for my market ladies. I have three scarf patterns and a shawl pattern that I have designed for them and the patterns won't take very long really but it is getting started.
It is also only two weeks to NaNoWriMo to start. I am still tossing around a couple of ideas for a story. The one that seems to come out on top is completly out of my normal genre and would be quite a challenge to write but that is the good thing about NaNo, it is where you can challenge yourself. This will be my sixth year of competing and every year I get more confidence in my writing. You never know, one day I may get a book published one day.LOL. If I do you will hear the cheer all around the world.
Now I am going to have my second cup of coffee and start on a little work.

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