Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am so tired today. I stayed up and watched the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games last night. I didn't watch to the end, gave up at 2AM and flopped into bed but it was a wonderful mix of colour and sound. I loved the Sari costumes that the ladies wore, all different colours and styles and of course, all the jewelery.
But I was awake again at 5AM, my dogs needed to got outside, their body clocks don't change. LOL.

I potted around with my pot garden. I bought a beautiful Fushia and I wanted to plant it as soon as possible. I also bought some Capsicum plants, I uses a lot of them in a stirfry and the are getting expensive to buy so I shall grow my own. The carport is looking good now, I just have to remember to water them.

I have finished knitting another shawl and started another one, they make good presents and are mindless to knit while watching TV but I must get back to designing.
I have a design in mind but my StitchMaker don't have a suitable symbol for a stitch I wish to do and I am still wondering how to make one. It will come I am sure.

It was my sons' birthday on 1st October and I gave him a phone call, the only trouble was I phoned him on Sunday instead of Saturday. I must try and get my days in order. He forgave me though and we had a good chat.

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