Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taking a break.

I need a rest from sorting out things for my garage sale. At the moment I think I have enough to fill a supermarket, well almost.
I am a bit worried about the weather, we have been promised heavy rain for the day. There has been a lot of rain this week and many places were flooded and although it has been fine that last couple of days the ground is very saturated and the creeks and rivers are running high. To make matters worst there are high spring tides this weekend so I am keeping my fingers ctrossed.

I have been watching the rescue at the Chilean mine, isn't it wonderful they got all the men out without injury. My heart went out to all the people who worked so hard without rest and the patience of the relatives who never gave up hope.

I had a good morning. It was shopping day. My youngest daughter drops her children off at school and then picks me up and we have a shopping day. Today she was in a hurry. "I have to be somewhere at 9AM and we have 3 minutes to go"
I though she had a doctors app or somrthing. We drove into town and she parked up and started to walk towards Mc Cafe.
"Are we going to Maccas'? I asked. She just nodded. Inside she told me to find a seat while she ordered coffee. She kept looking around even going outside for a quick look. When she brought the coffees over I asked who was coming. "You will see" is all she would say.
A couple of minutes later my eldest daughter walked in the another lady. It was my old friends' daughter whom I hadn't seen for about 9 years so there was hugs and kisses all round and then lots of talk as we caught up with family news. I found out that I had a greatgranddaughter, my granddaughter we have not been allowed to have anything to do with but Kerry knows her and told me all news.
All too soon we had to part, Kerry had to drive back to Gympie but she has promised to be back soon. It was a lovely surprise.

Ah well, I have had my break, I must go back to sorting cupboards out and see what else need to go.

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