Friday, October 15, 2010

Games are finished.

Well the Commonwealth Games are finished. We did very well in the medal count coming out on top.
It was good to watch all the different sports and cheering on your own team, although I can cheat a little, if Australia hasn't a member playing then I can cheer for England or Wales, even clappd for Scotland once.
The only disapointment was that some of the Indian officials didn't seem to know all the rules for the game or sport they were handling, even umpires and refferees had troubles and it wasn't only the language problem. But all went well, there were no terri\orist attacks but there were quite few athletes went down with *Dehli Bellie*, one or two had to withdraw because they were too sick.

Today was the first day of my garage sale. I am very tired but it went well and had a lot of sales. Now I only have to get through tomorrow and it will be all finished. If there is anything left I shall propbably donate to one of our local charity shops.
I was worried through the nigh though. it rain like mad and the wind was so strong that me windows rattled so much I thought they would smash under the pressure but by the time I was ready to put the things outside the rain had stopped but the wind still blew like mad and was freezing cold. Tomorrow is suposed to be fine with less wind. I shall keep my fingers crossed.

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