Friday, June 8, 2012

My, how fast time passes. Everyday I intend to get back here but the day passes and time is gone. Mind you, it is the time of year when family birthdays abound, 2 in May, 2 in June, should be 3 but one granddaughter seems to have gone walk- about, 2 in July, I think it is 3 in August, I am not sure about September will have to check, 4 in October, 3 in November and then it will be christmas. Every year I write down the family birthdays in a notebook and then promptly lose the notebook. Ah well.

It is winter here. I know, my northern hemisphere family laugh at me for being cold but when you spend 9 months of the year in 30-40C when it drops to below 20C I freeze and put on top of that, the wind blowing off the antartic ice and you can see where I am coming from, so I am freezing.
But I do have some good news. I saw my doctor this week, there is no damage done to my body through my last illness. My spine really shows the amount of arthritis but no breaks, bumps or swellings but nothing can help the pain so I will have to put up with it. Now I have to get my body stronger, from all the taking it easy for a long time, I have to strengthen my muscles and bones because I have decided that I am going to visit England again next year, because of my age and strength, it will probably be the last time to go and catch up with the rest of the family and friends. So now the saving starts for the airfare. I shall have to work harder at my writing and get a few more book loaded as e-books and some of my patterns as well and promote them to edge up sale, every penny helps as they say, and apart from some little gifts for birthdays and christmas all other spending is off. I have enough clothes and my one weakeness, buying books, I have forbidden myself, one excuse I keep telling myself is, there is no more room on my book shelves and there is no room for another case in my little unitl, I already have 6, NO MORE. That will save me a few dollars and they say every little helps. So off the England next year. My borther is thrilled to bits. I shall go at the end of April/beginning of May, when it is warmer, I don't think I could take an English winter any more.
Now back to writing.

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