Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Would like to start by saying thank you to the comments I have recieved about my blog, it was good that so many are willing to read what I have to say.

Today was knitting day. I have a couple of friends over and we sit and knit and chatter, some times about knitting and sometimes about our lives. We all have private troubles and it can help to talk to someone and know we will not be judged. We also encourage each other.
Some times it is hilarious like a couple of weeks ago I decided the my friends should have a go at spinning with a spindle. We laughed so much that I was exhausted. I am sure that when they get the hang of it they will have some good yarn to knit with but I am not holding my breathe yet.
Today we just knitted, well aleast a few stitches were made.  Linda is a new knitter but is determined to get there and is eager to try a new pattern every time. Marion is a nervous knitter in that she knows how to knit but is never sure what the pattern means and is so grateful when she is shown.
They think I am helping them but in reality they are helping me brcause it reminds me of what it is like when first starting out.

It is spring here and the Bottle Brush trees are coming into flower. The air is noisy with the lorikeets squabbling over the flowers. This morning I stood at my back door and 6AM watching them as the scrambled amonst the flowers and fought to get the best nectar. I laughed as I watched them, just like children fighting over a sweet or favourite toy. I decided a long time ago that wildlife is not much different to us humans. May they live for ever.

I have started a garden. Not a proper garden because I rent this unit and it only has a very small garden and landlords don't like it dug up but I have a large carport and no car so I am going to fill it with pots of flowers and vegies. It is already starting to look good with potted Azaleas, pansies, geraniums and I bought a Cynbidium orchid at market last week, it is huge so I need to learn now how to look after it and maybe get another one. I have also planted a Roma tomato, they are very low in acid so I can eat them and not get so much pain in my joints.I just work out there for a little time each day and when my back starts to ache I sit on my walker and push myself along. I manage. Then I sit back and look at everything and pat myself on the back. I hope we don't gewt any cyclones this year or everything will have to be dragged in for safety. I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

I had better close down now, the is a thunderstorm on it's way.

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