Monday, August 1, 2011

Back again.

Greetings to all my friends.
I know it has been a long time since I have written here but I really didn't have anything to write about except pain and discomfort so I stayed away.
I am recovering well now from surgery and every day I am feeling better but I haven't been completely idle.
My book 'The Celtic Fabler' has been selling well and those that had bought and read the book were pestering me for another one. As I had been unable to write for several months I decided to put together a book of my poems. I discussed it all with my printer and she was most enthusiastic and with her help I have produced 'Book of Dreams'. It is only a small book of little poems that I have written over the years, some funny, some sad and some are just my thoughts. To my surprise it has been successful and is selling well and it has only been a week since I announced it on my facebook.
It is only a small book so the postage hasn't been so high in fact I sent one to Canada and it only cost AU$17.00 and has been well received. I am trying to load a picture of the book here but at the moment nothing is working for me. I will try again later.

I am hoping to get back to finish a novel that I started late last year and I am able to knit again and have started designing another baby gown. Of course, it is going to take several months for me to finish it so you will all have to wait, so I hope you have patience.

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