Monday, May 9, 2011

My youngest daughter.

Today, my youngest daughter, Elle, has the first of three operations on her right shoulder. She has had problems with it for years but it has only recently discovered what the problem is. Apparently her colloar bone is too long and is pushing against the shoulder socket. Since then it was also found she had a cist in the ball socket and a ligament torn so today she is having that sorted. It will take about 12 weeks to heal and then she will have another op. I am not sure what they are doing there but it will take about 12 months to heal and then there is supposed to be a third op.
The poor girl is an avid tenpin bowler and coach so she has spent the last few months learning to bowl with her left hand and she is confident that she is almost as good woith her left arm as she is wih her right so she is happy to be able to continue bowl and continue coaching the littlies. I just hopes all goes well for her.

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