Sunday, May 8, 2011

The morning after.

Yes, I am stiff and sore after market yesterday and there were times when I really wondered what I was doing there.
Normally, Mother's Day market is good. The ladies come with dad and the kids and everyone buys another little gift for mum but not yesterday. The crowds certainly came in but they had short arms and long pockets, they looked around but bought very little.
I did have personal visitors though. Gwyneth came by with young Matthew with a present for me, a pair of winter pyjamas and lovely quirky fluffy slipper boots all in pink and as the nights are getting colder, I am sure they will get a lot of use.
Then Elle arrived with her partner Kris and children Raimy-Rose and Lachlan. There was anotherbag of gifts, a pretty clip that can be worn in the hair or as a brooch in a lovley purple which matches my favourite shawl, a box of chocolates and the surprise of the lot, a copy of 'Farmhouse Cookbook'. I had a copy of this for years and was my favourite cook book then lent it to a 'friend' in 2000 who claimed she had returned it to me. Well I knew she hadn't but apart from breaking into her home, how was I to prove it? And I have mourned that book ever since and I have watched out for it but Elle found it on e-bay, it was like meeting an old friend again. Now I might feel like cooking again..
Soon after they had all left, my granddaughter Julie-Ann came by with her three boys so there was cuddles and kisses all around.
By the time they all left it was nearly time to pack up and go home and beleive me, I was ready for it. When I reached home I made a coffee, took some pain killers and went to bed. That was mid-day, I fell alseep and didn't wake until 4PM and even then I felt I could have slept some more.
After tea my som Trevor phoned and wished me happy mothers day. He knew I was at market because I had spoke about it on my 'facebook' but it was lovely to hear his voice. The trouble was, his three boys were washing the dishes, well supposed to be but were fighting over something or other, those boys just seem to love fighting, so the call had to be cut short before they killed each other. LOL.
In reality, it was good day. I saw most of my children, most of my grandchildren and three of my great-grand-children.

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