Sunday, April 17, 2011


I am so pleased that my new novel has been well received. I was at Bundaberg Writers Club yesterday and I showed them my book and was asked a lot of questions of how and why I had done it. I sold one as well and a couple of others wish to buy one, it was very exciting for me, I feel more confidant now.
People in England that he been buying my patterns from my website are interested in buy my novel but the postage makes it very expensive so my web master is working on converting it into an e-book to down loaded to a reader. It is a new experience for both of us and we got together today to talk about design and how the page should look like and all the coding that needs to be put in. It should be available in a couple of days.

On Tuesday I am off to Brisbane for a consultation with a surgeon. I shall be staying over night in a motel and coming back on Wednesday an I hope that they will decide on surgery soon then I will be able to sit at the computer longer and get on with another story. At the moment I am in too much pain to sit too long and it is very frustrating, I so much want to get this other one finished so I can start to edit and get it ready fro the printer.

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