Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trip to Brisbane.

Well I am back from Brisbane. I am exhausted and sore from travelling.
There were a few 'stuff ups'. First when I got to the place where the Bundaberg Hospital had told me they had booked a room for me over night didn't know a thing about me. They checked there booking and there was none for me. They were very good though, they had an empty room and welcomed me in.
They were an elderly Chinese couple and treated me like family and we were soon sat chatting over a coffee and having a good laugh.
The room they showed me to was excellent and I was soon in bed having a rest.
The next morning, I was off to the hospital to see the surgeon. I was advised by reception to have a wheel chair as it was a long walk to the department that I needed. I agreed and a lovely man named Stuart pushed me gayly along while we talked and laughed.
At the department, the receptionist asked me what time I had left home yesterday. I told her my train had left at 10.15 am.
"No wonder I couldn't reach you." she said.
"Why?" I asked.
"The surgeon has been called away."
"Oh, no."
"Don't worry," she said, "I have found another surgeon who is willing to see you but it won't be until this afternoon. When is you train due to leave?"
"At 5.00 pm but I also have to get from here to the station first and by bus that could take an hour."
She agreed to check with the surgeon and it was decided to put me in as soon as possible. I counted how much money I had left in my purse and decided that I would splurge out on a taxi. I knew it would cast a lot but it would be better than trying to catch several different buses and having to walk a distance between them. I told the receptionist this so that there would be time if the surgeon ran late.
I had my consultation and he agreed that my gall bladder should be removed as soon as possible following a couple of other tests.
As I got ready to leave the receptionist called me over.
"Mrs Lewis, we have arranged for your taxi and the hospital welfare is paying for it."
I was amazed. I was wheeled down to the taxi rank and everything was waiting for me. I had to sign a form and just get in the taxi. I was dropped at my station and all I had to do was wait for the train to arrive.
The train arrived back in Bundaberg at 9.30pm and by then I was tired out, went to bed a got a good nights sleep.

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