Saturday, January 1, 2011

And the new year starts.

The river is going down rapidily now but we are still having thunderstorms which we could well do with out.
Here are some photos taken by various people around town and placed on a web site.
I have looked at several of them as I was stuck where I live and unable to get out. It is terrible to see how the rest of my city were and how they are coping to start the job of cleaning.

I deided to do nothing today. I have spent it reading and a little doze here and there. Tomorrow I start to do a bit of cleaning in my unit and some washing and then I hope I get time to do some writing. I have neglected it the last couple of weeks as I had things to make for christmas but my story hasn't been far from my mind and I want to put it all down.
I must get on with some more of my knitting as well and get ready for the next craft market, if there is one, the PCYC where it is held is being used as a  community relief place at the moment for those who had to evacuate their properties.

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