Thursday, January 20, 2011

No thunderstorms tonight?

Tonight, I hope to up date my doings. For the last couple of night thunderstorms have forced me to switch off because of the lightening.
We had a lot of rain through the night and a couple of roads were closed off again. One of our local shopping centres are, I think, preparing for another flood. They have been busy all day in bringing in loads of sandbags and placing them near all their doorways. I can't blame them after being flooded out twice in two weeks and there is a king tide tomorrow morning and our river is a tidal river and is still running very high after the floods.

I am back on track with my knitting. After the flood, the heat and sickness I am very much behind where I wanted to be but I have it all going now, the last part of pattern for the border is now sorted and I have begun knitting it. Keep your fingers crossed that the chart is correct now and I can proceed at a cracking pace.

Today was my shopping day. I was exhausted when I got home. The places were packed with people and of course everyone is shopping for school equipment for the kids to be back at school next week. I think every parking spot was filled. I know I saw many cars driving around and then out again, looking for a space to park.
I hate it when the shops get crowded as I get knocked around a bit and no-one takes any notice that I have a walker and will cut me off and then stop suddenly in front of me and if I should bump into them I get filthy looks or yells to watch where I am going. It can be trying and stressful. Never mind, all being well children will be back at school when I shop next, the little darlings.

Now back to the tennis and my knitting. No sound of thunder or lightening yet.

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