Sunday, January 16, 2011

Life goes on.

The floods in Queensland are nearly finished and clean up has started.
We are all cleaned up here in Bundaberg from our second flood, it is good that it didn't come up as far as the first one. The businesses that had water in them again have cleaned up again and are now waiting for new stock to come through so they can open for business.
Food has started to arrive to re-stock the supermarkets. We had run out of bread and milk and there was very little let in veggies on the shelves but in a day or two it will all be back to normal.
Brisbane and Ipswich are cleaning up quickly thanks to the army of volunteers that turned up to help. A lot of houses and business places will have to be re-built and could take some time, the insurance companies are making it real hard for a lot of people. It depends on how the small print is defined in the policies and it also depends on which company the insurance is with. The government is already said that they are going to shake up the companies to make sure no one is out of pocket after paying their insurance for up to as much as twenty or thirty years and are told they get nothing.

It was Bundaberg Writers club on Saturday. It wasn't an official meeting, just an informal get together. We all sat around a big table and talked about writing. A couple read out a little of what they had written lately and we made comment, suggestions and gave our opinions. It was a pleasant morning and I think we all came away with some good thoughts.
One of the members is reading my novel at the moment. He hasn't finished it yet but says he likes it. I gave him chapter one of my new story to look at. It is only three pages and didn't take him long to read through it. He liked that as well and has encouraged me to finish it. He looks forward to reading that one as well. It has given me confidence to continue.

Now I must get on with my shawl. I was sick last week and in a bit of pain and didn't have the concentration to work on it so must catch up now.

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