Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Floods up date.

The flood in Toowoomba has stopped for now but the water still gushes down the Lockyer valley and many places are under water there and more is to come.
In Brisbane, the water has risen rapidly. Evacuations are in place. 6500 homes are expected to be flooded by tonight with another 16,000 to be affected. This flood is worse than the great flood of 1974. Since then many flood mitigations were put in place but this is worse.
The Brisbane river is rising fast and all ferrys have been moved to safety and all ships in Brisbane port have been ordered out to sea because of the refuse floating down with the flood.
This has all been caused by what is called a super rain fall and rain is still falling, heavy in some places, as much as 10-12 inches over night.
The roads in Brisbane are cut and also Ipswich which is also flooding fast.
So far in the Toowoomba area there are 9 people dead and 59 are missing. It is expected that there could be more deaths before this is over.
The floods are also spreading into NSW and the weather man says that the rain is going to reach right down into Tasmania.

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