Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not again!!!!

This afternoon we had a massive thunderstorm which dumped another 3 inches of rain on us and so have brought the flood waters up again and more rain is forecasted. The last road in Bundaberg had just been open an hour and it is now closed again. Our fingers are crossed.

In Rockhampton the Fitzroy river has peaked at 9.2 metres. It was predicted to peak at 9.4 and there was a sigh of relief, not that .2 metres sound very much difference but it meant that another 500 houses didn't go under the water. It will be at least 2 weeks before the river drops, that is if more rain doesn't fall in the catchment area and it will take months to clean up.

Bundaberg's clean up is going well, at least it was until this afternoons storm. Everywhere you go you can see sodden items out on the roadside waiting to be picked up for the rubbish dump. It is sad to see so much personal belongings ruined.
More SES volunteers are arriving to help, out own volunteers are exhausted from working since before Christmas so the ones arriving from interstate are very welcome and we thank them.

Our Premiers disaster fund now stands at $14million and still growing. It will be handled by the Red Cross to all those that have been affected by the floods. Other people are arranging the gathering of school supplies the the children. At the moment it is summer holidays so there are a couple of weeks for the schools to be cleaned up and re-furbished but a lot of parents had already bought their school books ready and now they are lost. It is not only for our area but the other towns and cities that are affected, 40 towns at the moment and more are flooding every day. Some one said today that it is possible that the whole of Queensland will be under floods before the end of the month, that is one massive amount, Queensland is the second largest state in Australia, our coastline alone is over 2000 kilometres.

Anna Bligh, our state Premier, has appointed the state senior Army Commander to handle the organising of repairing the flood damage. This worked well when Inasfail was wiped out in cyclone Charlie 4 years ago and with military operations, it took one year to put the town and farms back to order so I think it will work well this time.

I must go now as I haven't been very well this week and the medication I am on makes me very drowsy so I am going to bed early.
Night  night.

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