Tuesday, March 22, 2011


At my granddaughter Julie Anne's encouragement, I have re-actified my face book account. I had joined ages ago but got fed up with the trash that kept dropping into my page so closed it down
With her help, I have got it all sorted now and have been learning my way around. One good thing is that I have linked up with another granddaughter. I am not sure if she knows I am her grandmother so I shall go very careful.
It is a shame when families are parted. My son was in a relationship and they had a little girl but the mother was the youngest in a large family and very much dominated by her own mother who persuaded her daughter to leave my son when she was pregnant again.
The up shot is that we were forbidden to see our granddaughter again although from time to time we did get little bits of news.
She is grown up now and has a daughter of her own, my great granddaughter, and she is a beautiful little one.
I asked her to be my 'friend' and she replied 'yes' so I shall take it easy, I don't want to frighten her away, I don't know what she has been told by her parents.
Such is modern life.

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