Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Poor Robert.

I had an e-mail from my brother Robert in London "I can't phone you Val, my phone is not operating for some reason"
I tried phoning him but was taken to his message bank so I waited.
Two days later he phoned me, really stressed. He had worked at finding out why he was phone less. It turned out he had changed servers. Unknown to him they had put in another phone socket in a completely different place, hadn't told him nor had they plugged in the phone line. By the time he was able to call me he was stressed out with spending time on his mobile phone to his new server and then finding where the socket had been placed and then to find his phone line wouldn't reach it. After linking a couple of extension cords together, he made it but said he will have to go and find a cord long enough to reach.
A lesson for Rob. Sit and watch the technician work so you know where they are placing things. Poor Robert.

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