Saturday, March 26, 2011

Getting closer.

I met with my printer yesterday, she is such a nice person, really friendly and bubbly.
We went through the proof of my book which sent sent to me last week and I had marked a few mistakes that i had made and a few things that I wanted to change. I thought I was making too many changes and was a little worried but she said I had done good and the changes wouldn't take her many minutes to make when she got back to the printery.
We sat and talked after with a cup of coffee and I asked when I had to pay the rest of her fee (so far only a deposit had been asked for) she told me that I needed to pay the remaining when she delivered, I asked how long that would be, and she said 'about a week'. I was over joyed. A week! So soon it will be in my hot little hands. How great is that?
My web master is already preparing a site for the book on my web page. We have discussed wording and presention I just have to work on the final bits and pieces and then get ready to launch it.
It is so exciting.

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