Monday, December 20, 2010

Crazy, crazy, crazy.

It is as if the world has gone mad. Europe and USA smothered under snow with nothing able to move.
Australia is under floods and nothing able to move. Except parts of Victoria and N. NWS and a little part of ATC. They are under snow!!!!!
We have been have just been told what sort of weather to expect for christmas. Wet and then wet some more. There is even a tropical low forming which means there could be a cyclone to hit us on christmas day.
I am going to my eldest daughter for christmas day, a pool party. I think she will have to change it to inside party.
I have got all my presents ready and have planned what I am taking to add to the feast. Gwyneth, my daughter, has asked me to bake a bread pudding and make some welsh cakes. That will be easy and not too much hot work. Must bake some extra bread to use.
I am still picking a couple of tomatoes every couple of days and they are so sweet. My cucumber is going well but I think the heat is getting to it, plenty of flowers no sight of fruit yet. I can wait.
Back to my knitting.

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