Friday, December 24, 2010


I am exhausted. I got up at 5.30am this morning in the hopes of getting my backing done early. It was already hot but fine with clouds and the humidity was high.
At 7am I started t get ready to bake but my next door neighbor called in and wanted a little chat then my good friend called by to see if I needed anything at the shops. By the time I started it was 9am and getting hotter. My friend called back on her way home from the shops so it was another little chat.
When she left I got on with my baking. First the welsh cakes, they take the longest and it was lunch time before I could start on the bread pudding. I had just put it in the oven when my daughter Elle called in with her children and I gave them their presents, I won't get to see them tomorrow. The bread pudding finished it's time in the oven and I was getting ready to start on the chicken strips when my eldest granddaughter called in. I had to stop and give her a cuddle, she miscarried last night and she was still upset by it so we had a good talk, woman to woman. She left at 5.30pm just as it started to rain hard.
Now I had to cook the chicken. I finished at 7.30 pm and my feet are aching so is my back and all I want to do is go to bed but I have to wait because I think my brother will phone tonight from London.

I told you about the stupidity of people going through the flood waters. Well the water is rising well here in Bundy and as she drove over, the council man was putting up 'road closed' signs across a flooded road but the motorists still drove through the water. My daughter turned around and took another way to get to my place but watched as more drivers went straight through the flood. It is people like that who will need rescuing in a couple of hours.

The flood waters are creeping into Bundaberg, about three roads are cut at the moment but with the rain falling hard, it will soon be more. tomorrow is supposed to be bad. There is a monsoon low just of the coast of Cairns and is expected to cross the coast tomorrow and will cause heavy rain in all of Queensland and there is a second low in the gulf which if it crosses also then we are in for masses of rain. All our rivers are already flooded and the dams are overflowing and it is king tide time being helped by a huge whirlpool just of the coast of Queensland which is pushing more water onto the coast. We don't need any more sky juice.
I haven't done any knitting today nor writing and I don't feel like doing any now.
I shall be glad to get back in my bed.

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