Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunshine...for now.

Today was sunny and hot with high humidity but at least it didn't rain.
The flood waters in our area are going down fast and the local council workers were able to get out and check the damage.A couple of roads are badly damaged and will take weeks for them to be mended. A lot of  farmers have lost their crops and the ground is too waterlogged for replanting yet. But there is more rain to come, in fact, were are under a storm warning for tonight and in the north, it would seem that they are in for an early wet season, the monsoon trough has developed already.

I had a treat yesterday. I picked my first tomatoes. anbd they were lovely. With cheese and some basil leaves, my sandwich went down very well.
I only have pots growing in my carport but it is enough for me. There is nothing better tan eating what you have grown yourself.
Now I must go back to my knitting.

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