Friday, December 3, 2010

Busy day.

I have had a busy day. It was raining hard so no work could be done outside so it was indoor stuff only.
I finally wrote up a pattern of some shawl I had knitted and passed it over to me web master to place in my web page.
The shawl is a simple one to knit. When I came home from England in August I was so jet lagged for nearly two weeks. I couldn't concentrate on anything and kept falling asleep so I decided to knit myself a shawl, an easy one so if I fell asleep while knitting it didn't matter. I loved what I ended up with so knitted another one in different yarn and then another. So far I have knitted it six times each one in a different type of yarn. I wore my favourite one several times and people started asking me for the pattern so at last I gave in. The pattern I have produced is the same pattern in three different yarns, 8 ply, 5 ply and cobweb all knitted the same way but they change size from body wrap to neck wrap. I feel pleased with them all and now they are there for every one.
I call it Simply Elegant Shawl and I have put it up as a PDF.

So now I am in the mood I shall have to write up the patterns of some scarves I knitted while in London, my market ladies keep asking me for more. Eventually I might put them opn my web page as well, who knows.

Now back to knitting my Royal Shawl.

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