Thursday, December 30, 2010

Floods receding.

This morning there is blue sky and lovely sun with a gentle breeze blowing. The river is dropping and slowly the water is receding from homes and businesses but it will be days before anyone will be able to clean up.
I had a phone call from my eldest granddaughter to say she had made it home. It had taken 7 hours to drive back. She had gone with her partner to Ipswich, west of our state capital Brisbane, and had become stuck there as all the roads closed. She was worried about her own home here in Bundy and I couldn't tell her anything but I thought it might be OK. But she is home now. She says that there had been no water in the house but because it was all closed up, everything was mouldy and smelly so the windows are all opened and the breeze blowing and she has gone to the laundromate to do some washing.
My friend came around this morning to get some of her food out of my freezer. She told me that when a neighbor across the road found out that she and her husband had no power, he brought over his portable generator and fixed up for them and also a small gas camping stove so at least she can make her own coffee and cook a meal. The water has left their back yard now so she is hoping that the power will be switched back on soon.
I have been able to vaccum my floors today. Before, because the air was so wet, the floors were 'tacky' and I couldn't do anything, the dust etc just spread around so I had to wait until everything dried off a bit but I am a little cleaner now.

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