Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Never ending.

Rain again today, heavy too. It has been raining now for 12 days out of 13 and the weather man says to expect another 300-500mm between now and Christmas day. I think we can expect the floods to get worse, our river is already over its banks.

I was able to buy Anita's book yesterday, the last one in Bundaberg and none due in until Feb.I had an email from her the other day. She is thrilled that it is doing so well and she has been nominated for a writing award. She deserves it, she has worked so hard for several years to get this book together. If you want a good read over Christmas the try 'Diamond Eyes' by AA Bell. I am enjoying it but I have to go slowly as I have important knitting to do as well so I knit for an hour then read a chapter. Normally I will read a new book and stay with it to the end but I have to be disciplined here, my knitting is very important and I have to get it done by a certain time.

Only a couple of days till Christmas and I have all my presents wrapped and I have started my baking, not much of that to do really. I don't think we will have a pool party though, not unless the weather man is wrong. I guess one could wish.
Back to my knitting now.

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