Tuesday, December 7, 2010


After ten years of drought it would seem as if mother nature is giving us back all the rain we missed out on. Many parts of Queensland are flooded and there is more rain on its way.
Parts of NSW and Victoria are badly flooded as well with many communities evacuated to higher ground as rivers burst their banks.
It is a continuing disaster for farmers. This year many were able to plant crops for the first time in a decade only to see it ruined by the floods and in a couple of areas of NSW those that weren't flooded got hit by locust. One farmer watched as his fields of wheat were eaten in 24 hours, all that is left is stubble.
We had a storm yesterday afternoon. I saw it coming. the sky was ink black and the thunder could be heard long before the storm reached us.  It was a short storm but violent. we didn't have very much rain in my part of town but the wind was rough and it blew over my big plant stand that has small hanging plants on it. It has never blown over before.
The trouble with all this stormy weather is going to be the shortage of fresh vegetable and fruit. What is left on the trees and in the ground can't be taken to the markets because the roads are flooded, at least I have some tomatoes growing and they will be ready for christmas.

I went to a christmas dinner today. It was with my old ten pin bowling group. I can no longer bowl but I still go to the special days and meet up with old friends. It was very enjoyable and of course I ate too much. I find meals that you don't cook yourself can taste so much nicer.
I forgot to take my camera so there are no photos. Sorry.

I heard from my friend Anita Bell, her new novel 'Diamond Eyes'  is selling well. I am so pleased for her, I know how long and hard she has worked on it, I hope to buy a copy for my self sometime this week. It will be my chritmas present to me.

I must get back to my knitting now. I have craft market on Sunday and it is the last one for the year and I am trying to finish a couple of things I would like to sell. At least I have a new pattern for them, a few ladies are waiting for it so I hope they turn up.
Bye for now.

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