Friday, December 10, 2010


There are so far, 48 centres in Australia under flood with more expected by tomorrow. It is a mess everywhere.
These are the floodings so far.
To  make matters worse, the forcasters say that the monsoon season is starting early this year and is expected by next week. That will then bring northern parts of Australia into the flood danger.

I worked hard yesterday. With the threat of bad weather for this weekend I completely cleaned my carport and it looks nice now for christmas. Moved the plants around, my tomatoes especially needed more sun to ripen. The cucumber is flowering well but I don't see any fruit forming yet but then, they would be so small it would be hard to see in the beginning. The few flowers are in good bloom. Very pretty.

I also worked on the edit of my novel, the last one I hope. My woodsmith did a good job of picking up small mistakes I had made with grammar, mostly forgetting full stops and commas.

I put another pattern together. I told you I had been busy. It is for my market ladies and I needed for Sunday's market. Hopefully, it will sell well.
Now I have a month to think of another pattern but I must finish the graph for my Royal shawl and get that knitted.

Today I hope to take things easy. It is already quite hot and humid so I shall get the fan going and sit under it, trying to keep cool.
I shall knit for a while and then, may be, take a kindy nap and then when the sun goes down a bit, water my plants.
That would be a good day for me. LOL.

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