Sunday, December 12, 2010

Utter stupidity.

There have been several people drowned during the floods in Australia and most have been caused by utter stupidity. Cars have been washed off flooded causeways when for years people have been warned not to drive through flooded roads.
Others have been teenagers and young people, swimming in flooded rivers and creeks. Apparently, they will not listen to the fact that flood waters are fast running and is dangerous to try and swim, no matter how good one is at swimming. Even here in Bundaberg, three teenagers had to be rescued from our local Burrnet River yesterday. Not only was it still pouring with rain, the river was running extremely fast and in danger of breaking over the banks. Other people had to risk their own lives to go in and rescue those stupid kids. This action has been repeated right around Australia and it would seem that some people think they know better or are capable of being better than others. Utter stupidity.

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