Monday, December 27, 2010

Rain, rain and even more rain.

It has been a very wet Christmas for us in all of Queensland. It started with a lot of rain before Christmas and then on Christmas morn a small cyclone crossed the coast just south of Cairns and then became a monsoon low and it has not stopped since.
Yesterday we had three thunderstorms, one after the other and the rain came down so hard tat I turned my TV up to the highest but still couldn't hear it.
The whole town of Theodore, west of Bundaberg, has been evacuated and there is the possibility that others will be taken out as well. By tomorrow, most of Queensland will be under floods and it is creeping into NSW.
Bundaberg is well under although I am safe at the moment but our Burnett river has not peaked yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
This is usually just a narrow flood channel

In the last 24 hours alone we have had over 200mm fall and it is still raining. The weatherman says that the rain is not expected to stop before the New Year.
Ah well, I shall just have to stay here and knit., I can't go anywhere, the roads are cut.

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