Thursday, December 23, 2010

Diamond Eyes.

I have finished reading Anita's book. I know. I said I was going to take it slowly but last night I made a stupid mistake in my knitting and it means unpicking so I picked up the book and started to continue reading it, then found I couldn't put it down. It is a brilliant book and I look forward to reading the next volume, Anita has told me that that one will be released in June 2011 so I shall be putting my order in.

The flooding of Queensland continues. Many towns north are already cut off and if we get more rain tonight then all the roads into Bundaberg will be cut.
I went shopping today (absolute bedlam) I stocked up on non-perishables just in case I can't get out or supplies can't get in so I won't go hungry or thirsty.

Now I must go and up-pick my shawl and find out where I made the mistake.

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