Thursday, December 16, 2010

Noisy night.

Had a bad night. It was stormy and the noise of the thunder, I think would have kept the whole neighborhood awake. There was very little rain but the lightening was brilliant and the thunder shook the windows.
It all started early yesterday morning when storm cells started in the west and south of the state and moved slowly to the east and north. There were six cells at first and caused damage as they passed along. Then the cells melded into one and hit our state capital, Brisbane. By then the whole sate was under a severe storm warning. Bit by bit, it slowly moved towards our part of the state and at first it seemed as if it would move out to sea and miss us but it started lightening, we could see the sheet and fork lightening and hear the occasional rumble. We were all ready in case of winds but it didn't seem to get any closer.
I went to bed. My little dog, Cariad, stated to bark and carry on. I had left the blinds drawn back to allow the breeze to came in and she didn't like the flashes so I got up and closed them. My other dog, Trixie, just hid her head under the quilt.
At first the flashes lit up the sky brilliantly, even with eyes closed it shone through. Then the thunder crept closer. It shook the windows. It was so noisy it was like being in a bowling alley with evey lane in use. The banging and then the rumbling just went on all night.
It is now 7AM in the morning and the thunder is still rumbling, in the distance now, but still there.
We are promised more storms again today.

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